President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russia’s authorized neighborhood on Lawyer’s DayIBG Information



Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian legal community on their professional day.

Russia, December 3, 2020

“This day brings together everyone who has dedicated their lives to this difficult, tense, but very important cause for the people and the country – to protect the legitimate interests, constitutional rights and freedoms of the people and to strengthen the statehood of Russia. Your work is urgently needed in all areas of our life. It is impossible to imagine modern economic or political processes, the operation of businesses, corporations, public services and public organizations without legal support and advice.

Your qualities such as honesty, responsibility, integrity and, of course, broad expertise in legislation are highly valued in any industry, and your ability to apply them in practice, based on the principles of morality and justice, is vital. This combination of professionalism and moral duty characterizes the absolute majority of Russian lawyers and testifies to their firm adherence to the rule of law and the traditions of Russian jurisprudence that were established during the judicial reform of the 19th century. The legal and civil service veterans who have made a significant contribution to improving the work of Russian judicial authorities and institutions deserve special gratitude.

I believe the priorities of the legal community are to be at the forefront of developing and establishing the rule of law and to actively improve the legal culture of our citizens. Your role in this very important awareness-raising exercise is now even more sought after following the adoption of amendments to the Russian Constitution. “

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