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Rep. Bill Pascrell (D., NJ) appears to have a serious problem with Republicans going to court. We recently talked about Pascrell’s absurd efforts to expel roughly two dozen Republican attorneys for questioning the results of the 2020 election. Now Pascrell declares that 120 House Republicans have sent a Friend of the Court Letter (or Amicus letter) is tantamount to supporting an insurrection against the United States and that it should be prevented from taking their seats in Congress. I previously denounced Parcrell for his “dangerous form of demagogy”. This latest appeal shows that demagoguery has reached a level of utter delusion.

From the start of the Texas lawsuit, I stated that it was virtually guaranteed to fail if she stood. It failed last night. However, in courts of law, we accept cases in which such violations are asserted. Tens of millions of Americans believe the elections were not fair, including many Democratic voters. About 70 percent of Republican voters believe the election was stolen. Such challenges and concerns are brought to court, where we can resolve disputes non-violently in a constitutional system.

Rather than welcoming such a review, the Democrats have launched a campaign against scorched earth, including an abusive campaign of harassment and abuse by the Lincoln Project. In particular, these efforts began shortly after Biden was declared the alleged election winner and before the courts actually decided on any contestations.

Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has also fueled this ruthless rhetoric, stating that Republicans are “undermining the Constitution through their ruthless and fruitless assault on our democracy that seriously threatens to undermine public confidence in our holiest democratic institutions and our progress in the United States push back urgent challenges before us. “

Pascrell’s actions against his colleagues are echoed in the response from Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who described the Texas lawsuit as “inflammatory.” The pursuit of judicial review is the opposite of riot or rebellion. It works within our constitutional system on a legal understanding of the merits of a challenge. These litigants obeyed court orders, as did President Trump.

Pascrell stated on Twitter

“Put simply, the men and women who would tear the United States government apart cannot serve as members of Congress. T.These lawsuits, aimed at destroying public confidence in our democratic system by invalidating the clear results of the 2020 presidential election, undoubtedly attack the text and spirit of the Constitution, which every member swears to support and defend. ”

Pascrell cites the 14th Amendment to argue that filing in federal court is an act of rebellion and “attempting to overthrow a democratic election and install a dictator seems to be a pretty clear example of this”.

Pascrell’s appeal is not divorced from any logical or constitutional basis. Rebels do not storm the courts with legal documents. You overthrow courts with the rest of the constitutional system. Those who lack trust or loyalty in our constitutional system are those who call litigants “rebels” and court records as forms of “rebellion” and “riot”.

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