Omaha legislation agency devoted to offering glorious service with all-team legal professional workers

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – At the law firm Hightower Reff there is a strong collaboration between the team.

An ideal place to work for lawyer Deanna Piña, who joined the firm in November 2020.

“I’ve worked in nonprofits, I’ve worked in government, I’ve worked in other private law firms, and I’ve never seen the level of support and just the general collaboration that we have here, I’ve never seen that nowhere else, ”said Piña.

Lawyer Tracy Hightower-Henne founded the firm in 2012 with Susan Reff. The firm practices a variety of rights, including divorce and family law, criminal defense, immigration, business law, estate planning and estates, contracts, and employee compensation.

“We were two progressive women back then. Starting a business in what was still a male-dominated industry was interesting and had some funny stories about it in 2012, ”said Hightower-Henne.

The team has grown since its inception. The firm now consists of eight lawyers. All women.

Hightower-Henne said it was not intended to be a woman-only office, but she has found that it has enabled them to offer a compassionate approach to the legal community.

“I think a lot of clients think that speaking to a lawyer is going to be a really scary process and we really know that just speaking through the door can be a traumatic experience. Even when we were building our office, we built it to think it would be very convenient to walk in here, not scary. We don’t have scales of justice, we don’t have gavel, we don’t have large dark wood bookcases. We’ve created a space where we’re pretty comfortable for our customers, ”she added.

It is also known as a positive work environment for employees that offers space for emotional understanding and support.

“We like to pretend it doesn’t matter, but we kind of do,” said Piña. “It just feels great to walk into a room and know that I don’t have to explain why it might be harder for me or why I worry about certain things because usually everyone understands because they’ve been through the same thing. I have seen situations where I go to court and call the interpreter because I speak Spanish and my hair is like that. It feels great to come home to our office and get emotional support and empowerment to keep moving forward. “

She adds: “The legal field is not designed to be empathic. It’s designed to be controversial so a lot of the people who do this job are very combative and so one of my favorite things about work here is that we never bring this to the office. We are very open, very cooperative and I never have the feeling that I have to do everything to prove myself or to fight someone on a case. It’s really nice here. “

Hightower-Henne prides itself on the fact that she and her team are committed to helping their community by providing time and services to nonprofits and organizations.

“I often see our law degree as a kind of superpower that we absolutely have to use in the future,” said Hightower-Henne.

She listed events that Hightower-Reff Law supports, including sponsoring the Omaha Pride Festival, working on reproductive justice issues with Planned Parenthood, and working with the Nebraska Innocence Project, an organization that deals with inmate cases, who affirm their innocence.

Some bilingual lawyers also volunteer with the Pesek Law Office on Mondays, which provides free legal advice to the Spanish-speaking congregation at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in South Omaha.

As the firm continues to grow, Hightower Reff Law is committed to continuing to provide respectful legal representation while ensuring that the community advances too.

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