Nevada County district lawyer recordsdata gang enhancements, seeks greater bail in deadly taking pictures case

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Six men charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a Nevada County woman during a drug deal are now facing allegations of gang activity that could earn them life sentences.

Dakari Mondell Harris, 22, of Shreveport, Louisiana; and Trey Rondal Richard, 22; Devon Deontae Jennings, 21; William Rynell Levise, 31; Ronney Turner, 31; and Laderrick Timothy Wynn, 20, all of Dallas, were charged with engaging in a criminal conspiracy to use false deception to haul marijuana out of the state and shoot at a squat.

Richard, the alleged gunman, faces a murder charge with the special circumstances of shooting from a vehicle and enhancement of personal use of a firearm that causes serious injury and death.

Allegations of previous serious criminal convictions have already been added to the allegations against Jennings, Levise and Turner. Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh last week added the gang enhancements for each defendant.

Richard appeared in person before the Nevada County Supreme Court on Monday while his co-defendants appeared on Zoom, a move previously challenged by Walsh.

On Monday, Judge Linda Sloven ruled that due to COVID-19 regulations and because five of the co-defendants are not facing murder charges, they may appear for some remote hearings.

Walsh asked Slovenian to raise bail to 400,000% for Harris and Wynn and to $ 550,000 for Jennings, Levise and Turner due to gang improvements.

“People claim the defendants belong to a sophisticated drug trafficking organization,” Walsh said, adding that this is legally considered a gang in California. “You came here to commit these gang-related crimes.”

According to Walsh, shooting at an occupied motor vehicle is a declared “gang crime” and entitles the accused to life imprisonment.

The bail increase was criticized by the defense attorney, who described it as a “serious violation of due process” and “bad will of the prosecutor”.

Noting that she hadn’t seen a gang case in Nevada County in her eight years on the bench, Sloven said to Walsh, “I don’t want to rule something I don’t know much about, for better or for worse.”

She chose to set up a bail verification hearing, held at the same time as a preliminary evidence hearing, and scheduled it for January 5th.

According to the authorities, on November 7th, the suspects attempted to buy a “substantial” amount of marijuana with fake money and a confrontation ensued. The potential buyers fled in an unspecified number of vehicles, and two people began chasing them down the Rough and Ready Highway into Grass Valley. Shots were fired and one hit Shanta Olsen, who was the passenger in the chasing vehicle. Grass Valley police followed the suspects at a Davis hotel and arrested them three days later.

Richard is being held with no bail. Harris and Wynn have been released from custody on a $ 100,000 bond, while Jennings, Levise and Turner each have a $ 150,000 bond on deposit.

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