Native lawyer charged with extortion in theft case involving NFL participant, expenses dropped towards participant

Local attorney charged with extortion in robbery case involving NFL player, charges dropped against player

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. A North Miami Beach attorney is charged with blackmailing an NFL player in a high profile case for an armed robbery in Miramar last May.

William Dean was investigated by members of the public corruption department of the Broward Sheriff’s Office from August, according to the BSO, after it became known that Dean attempted to blackmail former New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker.

The attorney represented three of Baker’s alleged victims. According to investigators, Dean wanted Baker to pay each of his clients more than $ 266,000, and in return, victims of the case would either stop working with prosecutors on criminal proceedings or change their initial affidavits to police, thereby weakening the case would against Baker.

The evidence in the case shows that Dean Baker’s attorney said his clients would “do anything you want as long as the money is right”. Dean was arrested Monday morning.

Following Dean’s charges, Broward prosecutors announced Monday that all charges against Baker had been dropped. Baker was charged with four gun robberies in August.

Baker, a cornerback for the New York Giants who was fired from the team earlier this summer, and Quinton Dunbar, cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks, were suspected of an alleged robbery during a Broward County gambling party $ 71,000 indicted. Broward prosecutors failed to file a criminal complaint against Dunbar because of insufficient evidence.

According to the Miramar Police Department, 22-year-old Baker and a man named “Shy” turned a gaming table over and pulled out firearms during a party in May. Witnesses said Dunbar, 27, and two others rushed to steal from their victims, police said.

Quinton Dunbar (left) and Deandre Baker (right). (Getty Images)

One of the victims told police officers that he met Baker and Dunbar at a party in Miami where the two NFL players “lost about $ 70,000” according to an arrest warrant.

On Friday, ESPN’s Jordan Raanan reported that three of the four men who claimed the former New York Giants cornerback robbed them are revoking their testimony.

According to Raanan, Julius Lamar, Steven Compton and Tommy J. Hartshaw said in affidavits that Baker “did not participate, directly or indirectly, in a robbery or act in a robbery on site or elsewhere.” The three men added that, according to the ESPN report, they had not seen anyone rob or assault anyone with or without a gun.

A statement from Broward District Attorney Michael J. Satz was released Monday shortly after Dean’s arrest was announced, after which the charges against Baker were dropped.

“On August 5, 2020, the state filed four-point filing alleging that Deandre Baker and two unidentified men had committed the crime of robbery while in fact in possession of a firearm with which four alleged people were wearing jewelry and cash fell victim on the evening of May 13, 2020.

The information was submitted on the basis of three previous affidavits by the alleged victims alleging that three men had committed a robbery with a gun and that Mr Baker was one of the attackers.

As a result, the alleged victims and the known witnesses are no longer cooperative and their credibility is invariably tarnished. The state moved to despise a witness for refusing to answer questions in court, and the defendant’s attorney moved to despise one of the listed victims for failing to appear for deposit in court.

On Monday morning, November 16, 2020, William Dean, a lawyer representing three of the alleged victims, was arrested for extortion for soliciting cash payment on behalf of the three men in exchange for an altered testimonial. This testimony was given in the form of written, signed, notarized but identical substantive affidavits in which the alleged victims revoked their three previous affidavits and instead claimed that they were not looking closely at the events as they occurred, that Deandre Baker was present but was not involved in any crime and that they were not robbed or assaulted.

As a result, Florida State will announce a Nolle Prosequi of all charges against Deandre L. Baker. “

State of Florida versus Deandre L. Baker

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