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SCOTUS for law students: Still deciding in July

Posted on Mon Nov 30th 2020 8:32 am by James Romoser

It’s not quite December yet, but the Supreme Court opens its December argument Monday morning with verbal arguments on two cases with far-reaching ramifications: Trump versus New. York, challenging President Donald Trump’s plan to expel people living in the country without authorization from the total population used to reallocate Congressional seats among states; and Van Buren v. United States, the court will for the first time consider the wide range of digital behaviors that may be criminalized under a federal law against hacking known as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Our preview of Trump versus New York is here (and a symposium with writers on both sides is here). Our preview of Van Buren is here.

Here is a recap of other Supreme Court news and commentary from across the web:

  • Supreme Court blocks Covid-19 restrictions on religious services in New York (Jess Bravin, Wall Street Journal)
  • The recent Supreme Court ruling reveals personal rifts among the nine judges (Joan Biskupic, CNN).
  • Supreme Court Blocks COVID Restrictions on Religious Gatherings in New York (Jay Michaelson, Daily Beast)
  • US Supreme Court Blocks New York State COVID-19 Restrictions on Religious Services (Mark Walsh, Education Week)
  • Can Trump change the number of major censuses? Supreme Court hears his claim (Nina Totenberg, NPR)
  • Supreme Court has to choose between Trump and the Constitution in the census process (David Gans, Slate)
  • Trump’s move to move seats in Congress reaches the Supreme Court (Steven Mazie, The Economist)
  • The Supreme Court is considering Trump’s plan to adjust the census based on immigration status (Mark Walsh, ABA Journal).
  • Trump administration supports oil industry in SCOTUS climate case (Ellen Gilmer, Bloomberg Law)
  • Open the Bar: Towards Greater Transparency at the Supreme Court (Harry William Baumgarten, Public Order Review in Georgetown)
  • You’re Fired (Anastasia Boden & Elizabeth Slattery, Dissed Podcast)
  • Trump vs New York preview (Jin-Taek Hong and Daniel T. McCarthy, Cornell Legal Information Institute)
  • Van Buren vs USA preview (Paul Ingrassia & Stewart Rickert, Cornell Legal Information Institute)

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