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We discussed the use of the Penal Code by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) to threaten people who post videos of suspected election fraud or lawmakers who raise such objections in the state. These threats are compulsive and abusive, especially when directed against opponents of your party who are questioning your presidential candidate’s victory. Yet, as shown by a congressman trying to expel dozens of Trump attorneys, such threats are furiously popular in today’s politics. As a result, Nessel continued her threat of prosecution on Monday, warning that a former senator could be prosecuted for alleged electoral fraud at a meeting of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers. Increasing electoral fraud on the board of directors that oversee voting is now a possible basis for law enforcement in Michigan.

Former Senator Patrick Colbeck (R) raised his concerns during the meeting. He was appropriately asked whether he had presented his allegations of election fraud to the Attorney General. Julie Matuzak (D) asked, “If you claim fraud in this election, did you take him to the Attorney General, your evidence?” It stated that the board is barely able to investigate such allegations. Colbeck replied, “I submitted my affidavits to attorneys, and we put them on the chain that way. I can take it to anyone I should take it to. “

Of course, many Republicans in the state may be a bit reluctant to turn to Nettle as she threatens prosecution against citizens and lawmakers alike.

As if to uphold that view, Nessel immediately responded with another threat of prosecution. Noting that Colbeck “never filed a complaint of election fraud,” she added, “Aside Colbeck’s allegations of deliberately making a false allegation of criminal activity to law enforcement agencies is a crime in itself.” It is my experience that often causes certain reports not to be generated. “

The “reasons why certain reports are not produced” may have something to do with nettle’s continuing threat to prosecute those who produce such reports. This threat is directed not only against Colbeck, but also against those who signed these affidavits. In other words, you have to bring your fraud allegations to me, but I can prosecute you if you bring your fraud allegations to me. Hardly an inviting view.

I tend to look at these stories from a criminal lawyer’s perspective. These citizens come forward to claim that there is a case of election fraud. They can be wrong about what they have perceived or what they consider to be fraud. However, we want voters to feel free to volunteer. Affidavits are signed under penalty of perjury. There are cases of such perjury or false police reports that are prosecuted. However, one would think that nettle would encourage filing such complaints in her office without threatening those who might.

Nessel’s approach is similar to that of the state health director, who encourages anyone to come for an examination, but warns that some of them will be euthanized. The invitation is lost in the ongoing threat.

As the Democrats and the media continue to raise threats against democracy, they are fully aware of the impact that Hessel’s application of the Criminal Code has on the threat to those who question Joe Biden’s victory. You, like Biden himself, are silent on a campaign of threats and intimidation against attorneys and lawmakers who question the election. It is part of a toxic atmosphere in which Democratic members demand black lists and others denounce any questioning of the Biden victory as “Holocaust denial”. The Lincoln Project has made national efforts to harass lawyers representing Republicans or the Trump campaign.

Nessel adds a particularly threatening element to this campaign by using her office to threaten law enforcement against those who post videos about election fraud, lawmakers objecting to certification, or even voters claiming inappropriateness. However, she cannot understand why someone would fail to contact her about alleged voting irregularities.

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