Michael Jackson was promised constructive portrayal in Bashir’s documentary, says ex-lawyer

Michael Jackson was promised positive portrayal in Bashir's documentary, says ex-lawyer

Legendary American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson’s attorney Tom Mesereau recently claimed that the singer’s 2009 documentary starring Martin Bashir contributed to his death. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mesereau, who defended Jackson during his 2005 child molestation case, said the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” started a series of very tragic events that ultimately led to his death.

The 70-year-old attorney said Jackson told him Bashir “flattered” him. The singer had also said that Bashir had promised him a positive portrayal in the 2003 ITV documentary, similar to Diana’s portrayal in her interview with the journalist. However, the series gained worldwide fame after the star admitted he shared his bed with children. Two years after the documentary was broadcast, Jackson was on trial for alleged child abuse and extortion but was cleared of all charges.

Mesereau said Jackson always wondered why he chose Bashir out of all the people he could have trusted in an interview. He added that the singer told him that Bashir had won his trust and that he was “most impressed” with his professional relationship with Princess Diana. Jackson had said that Bashir praised a close personal relationship with Diana and even claimed that he was her “most trusted confidante”.

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Bashir denies claims

The lawyer said Jackson told him about 15 years ago that he thought if the Princess trusted Bashir, he could too. According to BBC reports, Bashir is facing a review of tampered bank statements and has even admitted the commissioning while trying to gain access to the princess. Diana’s siblings have also accused Bashir of showing other fabricated documents relating to members of the royal household in order to ingratiate themselves with the princess.

Previously, Bashir’s documentary about Michael Jackson had also been scrutinized. The journalist has claimed that he promised the singer that he would organize a trip to Africa for Jackson and then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to help children with AIDS. However, during the alleged child molestation trial, Bashir was questioned extensively about his behavior. When asked in 2006 whether he had assured Jackson of a positive portrayal in the documentary, Bashir said he had made no promises.

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