Metropolis Fee to Vote on Reimbursing Mayor Dailey for Legal professional’s Charges Associated to Ethics Grievance – Tallahassee Studies


At the upcoming City Commission meeting, commissioners will vote on approving the city to reimburse Mayor John Dailey for legal fees. Dailey prevailed against an ethics complaint filed against him in June 2020 and is now seeking reimbursement of legal costs of $ 5,092.10.

The ethics complaint was filed by K. Lennorris Barber and dismissed by the Tallahassee City Ethics Committee in November 2020. Dailey prevailed on all aspects of the complaint against him. He was represented by Ron Meyer and his company.

Under Policy 103 of the City Commission, the city reimburses civil servants for reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred when they successfully asserted ethical complaints arising from their employment in the city.

Prosecutor Cassandra K. Jackson noted that the average hourly rate for lawyers in Tallahassee with similar experience and representation to Dailey’s attorney is $ 400 an hour. Jackson also noted that the attorney’s time spent defending Mayor Dailey, 14.4 hours, was necessary and reasonable.

Jackson recommended that the city reimburse Dailey a total of $ 5,092.10 from the Risk Management Claims Fund.



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