Meng’s lawyer suggests RCMP and border company collectively managed her earlier than arrest

Meng's lawyer suggests RCMP and border agency jointly controlled her before arrest

VANCOUVER – An RCMP officer involved in the arrest of Meng Wanzhou at Vancouver Airport two years ago said the Mounties would have entered if she tried to escape while in the care of Canada Border officials Services Agency located.

Sgt.Ross Lundie finalized his testimony in the British Columbia Supreme Court today in a hearing to investigate the extradition proceedings of the Huawei executive.

Her lawyers are trying to prove that the RCMP and the border agency coordinated an undercover criminal investigation under the guise of a routine border investigation to gather evidence for American investigators.

Every RCMP and border official who testified so far has told the court that their organizations have good relationships but separate and independent mandates.

Richard Peck, one of Meng’s attorneys, tried to find that those lines were more blurred during cross-examination of Lundie.

When questioned, Lundie agreed that RCMP officers watched Meng as she was intercepted by border guards after her plane landed at the gate and that Mounties were also in a room with a one-way mirror during their immigration check.

“From the moment Meng was met at the gate by CBSA, she would only leave the airport under the arrest of the RCMP,” suggested Peck Lundie.


It is under the control of both RCMP and the border agency at the airport, Peck suggested.

“She was examined by CBSA and we were there, our presence was there,” Lundie said.

“You wouldn’t have let her escape,” said Peck.

“This is fair.”

Meng’s lawyers are gathering evidence to support an abuse of litigation claims over the next year in which they argue that her arrest was unlawful and that she should be released.

Meng is wanted in the U.S. for fraud and conspiracy based on allegations that both she and Huawei deny.

This Canadian press report was first published on December 8, 2020.

The Canadian press


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