Maricopa County Lawyer Allister Adel continues restoration from mind damage

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel continues recovery from brain injury

PHOENIX – Maricopa attorney Allister Adel looks forward to returning home in the coming weeks after being hospitalized for a brain injury she sustained after falling on November 3rd.

Adel said Friday in a statement released by her office that she is feeling stronger every day and knows that recovering from a brain injury is a “slow and steady process”.

After her fall, Adel had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from bleeding in the brain.

She said in her statement that she is grateful to her family, those in the community who have indicated support, and the medical teams who have treated her.

Adel’s office released the following statement on Friday:

“Over the past month my family and I have been overwhelmed by the support from this community. It has given us a lot of comfort during this time. I am grateful for the high quality medical treatment I am receiving and would like to publicly thank the medical teams, who looked after me, I am still recovering at Barrow’s Neurological Institute and I look forward to returning home in the coming weeks. To my family at the Maricopa County Law Office, thank you for continuing to do this important work They are professionals of the highest order and I take pride in the work you do to keep the office moving and, after all, I am proud to be the first woman to be elected Maricopa County Attorney and I want to thank the voters of Maricopa County who have entrusted me with this honor, I feel stronger every day and even though I know the genes Since brain injury is a slow and steady process, I look forward to working with my medical team to ensure a safe and complete recovery. “


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