Manhattan District Legal professional’s Workplace: D.A. Vance Calls For Fee To Deal with N.Y.C.’S Violent Crime In Each day Information Op-Ed

May 21, 2021

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. today called for a commission to be formed to recommend holistic, evidence-based solutions to halt the surge in violent crime in New York City last year.

In a statement to the New York Daily News, DA Vance stressed that many potential culprits – not a single scapegoat – are responsible for the mounting violence, including the pandemic’s seismic, destabilizing effects on unemployment, homelessness and mental health, as well as the availability of guns from the so-called “iron pipeline” states and the trust, credibility and eviction deficit of the law enforcement authorities in color communities. Such complex and interconnected challenges require more than one-off tactical shifts in law enforcement.

“We would be more productive, and New Yorkers would be better served by a commission that goes beyond law enforcement and the justice system to gather the information needed to make evidence-based recommendations on any local issue relevant to New security and participation Justice mean. ” Yorker, from housing to mental health to bail, “wrote DA Vance, adding that the city is in dire need of a” Marshall Mental Health Project. “

“We can be experts and wage cultural wars against this violence, or we can follow the example of scientists working together to develop and use en masse evidence-based remedies that ultimately save lives,” concluded DA Vance.

The comment can be viewed in full here.

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