Maharashtra varieties five-lawyer panel for coordination on Maratha quota | Mumbai Information

Maharashtra forms five-lawyer panel for coordination on Maratha quota | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government set up a coordinating committee of five lawyers to lift the Maratha quota provisional stay in connection with the hearing before the five-member Constitutional Bank of the Supreme Court.
PWD state minister and congress leader Ashok Chavan, who heads the cabinet’s subcommittee on maratha quota, said so in a statement released on Saturday.
He said that, following the state’s request for a layover vacation in the Maratha Reservation, the Supreme Court Constitutional Bank will hear the government’s petition on December 9 at 2 p.m.
“If members of the Maratha community, historians, and researchers wish to make suggestions, they should communicate with this coordinating committee of attorneys. They will review the suggestions and refer them to government attorneys who appear in court,” Chavan said.
In September this year, the Supreme Court suspended the implementation of Maharashtra’s Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Act (SEBC) from 2018, which granted the Maratha community a quota of 16 percent.
The government had applied for leave for the Apex court’s stay amid protests from pro-quota organizations.
While the Bombay Supreme Court upheld the law, it had previously stated that a 16 percent reservation was not justified and that the quota should not exceed 12 percent for jobs and 13 percent for admissions to educational institutions.
The Supreme Court had stated that appeals against the Supreme Court order would have to be examined by a major bank. Accordingly, the hearing will take place before a constitutional bank with five judges.


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