Linda Harris to problem Weirich for Shelby County legal professional common

Attorney Linda Harris will announce on Friday that she will challenge Amy Weirich for the election as Shelby County’s attorney general in 2022.

Harris is currently an independent dispute resolution mediator and arbitrator, but previously served as a clerk to the late U.S. District Judge Jerome Turner, a veteran attorney with the U.S. attorneys in the western district of Tennessee, and as an individual constitutional lawyer and civil rights attorney. She has also worked as a police officer in Memphis.

“The record number of murders in Shelby County last year shows that current ‘hard crime’ policies are not working,” said a press release from the Harris election committee. “… The clock is ticking, and Shelby County deserves someone to work for the people and with the people to develop ways to get” wise at crime “in our community.”

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Weirich, the current attorney general, was appointed by former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam in January 2011 and was elected on August 3, 2012. On August 7, 2014, she was re-elected for a full eight-year term. She is now re-elected in 2022.

The attorney general oversees 238 employees, including more than 110 prosecutors.

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