Legal professional Basic’s workplace provides first-degree manslaughter cost in opposition to Kim Potter

The former police officer, who was charged with the death of Daunte Wright, is now facing charges of first degree manslaughter.

Attorney General Keith Ellison on Thursday filed an amended criminal complaint against Kimberly Potter, who shot Wright on April 11 during a traffic stop at Brooklyn Center. The troop’s 26-year-old veteran tried to use a stun gun but accidentally pulled her gun. In the video a policewoman can be heard saying “Taser! Taser!” just before shooting.

The amended complaint adds the more severe first degree manslaughter charge, while maintaining the original second degree manslaughter charge, Ellison’s office said.

Ellison’s office took legal action on the case on May 21. It had originally been in the hands of the Washington County Attorney’s Office under an agreement between the Subway authorities, but was turned over to the Attorney General after phone calls from Wright’s family and the Brooklyn Center.

Ellison’s office also handled the prosecution of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murder for the murder of George Floyd.

Ellison then made a promise that his office would review all evidence against Potter up to that point and look at the criminal charges.

“Following this review … Ellison confirmed that the original second degree manslaughter charge was appropriate but also concluded that an increased first degree manslaughter charge was warranted,” the attorney general said in Thursday’s announcement.

The amended complaint, which you can view here, accuses Potter of reckless use or handling of a firearm. It includes new details on Potter’s “substantial” training with both stun guns and service weapons, as well as comments she made immediately after the shooting.

According to the complaint, within 60 seconds of pulling the trigger, Potter can be heard on video saying, “S —!” and “I just shot him”, it later says: “I picked up the wrong gun.”

“I’m going to jail,” she said, according to the charges, and added a few minutes later, “I killed a boy.”

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The complaint alleges that within six months of Wright’s murder, she completed two taser-specific training courses, one of which she signed a certificate of completion confirming that she was following the manufacturer’s warnings about using one I have read and understood the stun gun.

“Confusing a handgun with a CEW [Taser] could result in death or serious injury, “a warning said.

“Learn the differences in body awareness and holster properties between your CEW (Conducted Energy Weapon) and your handgun to avoid confusion,” says this warning. Potter also signed papers with similar warnings on November 5, 2020.

The amended complaint also describes how the weapons were positioned on Potter’s belt: taser on the left, in a position that required her left hand to draw; Service weapon on the right, in a position that required her right hand to draw. The taser and handgun also have distinct physical and operational differences, the complaint states, including a manual safety switch and laser indicator on the taser, neither of which are present on their handgun.

Potter’s trial is slated to begin on November 30th. Unlike Chauvin’s trial, it is not broadcast live.

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