Lawsuit Says Arkansas Legal professional Common Rutledge Misused Taxpayer Funds for Political, Private Achieve

AG Rutledge allegedly used their participation in pro-Trump lawsuits to raise funds for an intended gubernatorial campaign.

A group of Arkansas residents filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

In the complaint, Rutledge is accused of misusing taxpayers’ money, diverting public funds into her re-election campaign, and trying to bolster support for outgoing US President Donald Trump. By and large, the lawsuit alleges that Rutledge’s spending was not in Arkansas’ best interests.

KATV reports that plaintiffs say Rutledge invested tax dollars in her own political future.

Rutledge, who was elected attorney general in 2014, has announced her candidacy for Arkansas governor in 2022. According to the lawsuit, Rutledge has abused its appropriation agency to conduct “political and non-partisan legal and judicial activities” on behalf of the state.

The lawsuit, aspects of which were reprinted by the Arkansas Times, includes a list of examples such as:

  • Rutledge added Arkansas to sign an amicus curiae brief filed with ten other Republican attorneys general, calling on the Supreme Court to prevent the state of Pennsylvania from certifying postal ballot papers that were counted for and during the 2020 presidential election . and
  • Appealing to her authority as the Arkansas Attorney General to resubmit the Supreme Court to prevent the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from verifying their ballots and allowing their respective constituents to vote on the Electoral College for President-Elect Joe Biden be right; and
  • Trying to capitalize on her participation in the above two actions by posting on the Leslie Rutledge for Arkansas Facebook page, where Rutledge asked the public to donate to her gubernatorial campaign over her pro-Trump lawsuits

The Arkansas Times notes that the

Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore, courtesy Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

Klage also makes other supportive claims. Rutledge, for example, reportedly took time out of her Arkansas attorney general duties to “serve as the national lawyer co-chair for Trump! and was involved in party political activities of the Rule of Law Defense Fund, an arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association, which she once chaired. “

The Defense Fund, the Arkansas Times added, had encouraged Americans to take part in the January 6 protests at the United States Capitol – protests designed to prevent Congress from confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in November’s race which led to vandalism and looting of sections of the national capital.

The lawsuit estimates Rutledge also spent nearly $ 2 million on television advertising promoting herself and her office’s services. Most of these commercials aired shortly before or after their bid for governorship was announced in 2022.

While Rutledge’s office is not yet required to provide a detailed comment, a spokesman told KATV that the Attorney General’s Office denies the allegations set out in the lawsuit.

“The attorney general has discretion to act in the interests of the people of Arkansas,” Rutledge said in a statement. “This is a frivolous lawsuit and we will ask that it be dismissed.”


The Arkansas Attorney General sued allegedly misused tax money

Lawsuit: Arkansas AG misused tax money for self-promotion and helped Trump

Taxpayers are suing Attorney General Leslie Rutledge for spending government funds to help Donald Trump and themselves

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