Lawsuit Desires ‘Vile’ Odor from Perfume Manufacturing unit Dealt With –

IFF is charged with its fragrance emissions.

Three Jacksonville residents have filed a lawsuit against the International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) factory alleging that the obnoxious, “noxious” smell emanating from the facility is affecting their quality of life. The lawsuit was dropped by a judge a few hours after it was presented. However, it has been dismissed due to a filing error that the lawyers correctly plan for them to re-submit for review. Allegations in the civil lawsuit filed earlier this month related to the smell of “disgusting” and “indecent and offensive to people of normal health and sensitivity”. The judge rejected the language used.

“I think this is a very promising sign that the judge is not denying that these are the right people to bring this case to a judge,” said Josh Gellers, Murray Hill Preservation Association board member with the city, to challenge the smell. According to Randy Defoor county council member, the city is taking enforcement action against the IFF. “I think we should use every road we have,” said Gellers. “Even protests, if that’s really what it’s about. Together we can address and fix this problem. “

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Flavors and Fragrances has denied any claims that it is responsible for a malodorous smell. In a December letter posted on the company’s behalf and cited by the Jacksonville City Environmental Quality Department late last year for odor violations in which Attorney Stacy Watson May presented his findings, it said, “Because IFF continues to be the state-issued Title V Air Complies with Permission, the factory could not be held responsible for the odor complaints in the Murray Hill neighborhood. “May said that the company’s” sensor technology and personal reviews are yet to identify a link between the Murray Hill neighborhood odor complaints and the IFF facility, “and that IFF is” just one of several manufacturing facilities in the area. ” She added, “The fact that the company is continuously manufacturing is at odds with the intermittent odor complaints experienced by Murray Hill residents.”

May continued, “IFF’s operations have not changed recently, and we have no evidence that the IFF facility is the source of the smells at Murray Hill. The Murray Hill neighborhood is about three miles away, making it highly unlikely that IFF smell could be responsible for the discomfort there. “She added,” IFF will fully cooperate with the city’s investigation and we trust the city will work to identify the real source of the offensive odor. “

The IFF website states the company’s purpose to redefine the fragrance industry with “unusual purpose”. The mission side claims the team is using art, science and expertise to “create unique and unexpected smells, tastes, experiences” that the world craves – which seems to be in direct contract with what the residents imply. The mission also includes an article on “Redefining What Flavors and Fragrances a Company Can Stand for by Questioning Everything”. Perhaps it will start to question its impact on the surrounding community.


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