L.A. metropolis legal professional’s workplace, DWP participated in ‘sham lawsuit’ over billing errors, report says

A court-appointed investigator released a comprehensive report Tuesday on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Energy and the district attorney’s office finding that attorneys were involved in a plan to resolve a lawsuit sparked by a flawed billing system and tarnished image reverse the DWP.

The “evidence supports a finding that the city itself sued and supported the city with a bogus lawsuit,” wrote investigator Edward M. Robbins in a 595-page report.

Robbins found that the system allowed opposing attorneys to ultimately collect $ 19 million in fees, an amount he described as “excessive, unjustified and a misappropriation of taxpayers’ money.”

After the failed introduction of a new DWP billing system that overwhelmed many customers, the city sued PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2015, blaming the consulting firm for the debacle.

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