‘Kim Is My Lawyer’ T-Shirts Worn By Celebs As Kardashian Cashes In On Profession Path

'Kim Is My Lawyer' T-Shirts Worn By Celebs As Kardashian Cashes In On Career Path

December 8, 2020, 1:56 p.m.

“Kim is my lawyer” t-shirts are officially a thing.

Image: Instagram @ kimkardashian / Talentless Clothing

Kim Kardashian’s making merchandise from her new business and very famous faces rock the “Kim Is My Lawyer” hoodie.

Kim Kardashian capitalized on her recent career path into the law by bringing out a range of “Kim Is My Lawyer” t-shirts and hoodies that her famous family has worn everywhere.

In the least surprising news of all time, the famous gang dropped merch ‘to celebrate KKW, which is following in their father’s footsteps, Robert Kardashian, and made it public for us, lowly farmers, to join.

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Kim enabled an unofficial family member, Scott Disick, to turn the phrase into a merchandising opportunity with his “Talentless” clothing line.

37-year-old Scott has been promoting the latest Clobber on his social media channels and is selling the same shirt. 7-year-old North carries her mother’s latest photo of her children.

It all started when Kim’s husband, Kanye, tweeted that his wife was his lawyer while he chatted about record label deals and music ownership.

He posted a screenshot of a hoodie made with the phrase “Uh ohhh”.

Oh, indeed, as of now, the whole family, including Kim, Khloé, and himself, were seen rocking the hoodie before Scott had his own version of it done.

The Kardashian family always supports one another through fashion. The whole family rocks Yeezy, Good American (Khloé’s line) wardrobes and uses Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics whenever possible.

However, this is the first time they have succeeded in monetizing Kim’s law and criminal justice reform ventures, and they will continue to amaze us!

Is it wrong that we want one ?!

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