Kansas officers, lawyer have completely different timeline for chase earlier than deputy runs over KCK man | FOX four Kansas Metropolis WDAF-TV

Kansas officials, attorney have different timeline for chase before deputy runs over KCK man | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Editor’s Note: Some of the footage included in the video above may be viewed as graphical to some viewers.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – New details from Kansas City, Kansas officials and a lawyer from Kansas City, Kansas paint conflicting pictures of the night the man was run over by a MP.

The Kansas Highway Patrol reports that 35-year-old Lionel Womack led the authorities in a multi-county pursuit, reaching speeds of over 200 km / h.

The pursuit ended with Womack on the ground in a field. The MPs then approach with guns drawn. You can see the graphic final seconds of the incident in the video player above.

BACKGROUND: Former KCK detective is suing Kansas Sheriff’s deputy who ran him over on a dash cam video

So far, Womack’s lawyers have only released 13 seconds of videos as of the night of August 15. It appears to show a patrol car turning into a shirtless womack. FOX4 has requested full recordings from dash cameras from several law enforcement agencies involved.

In a statement released Thursday, Womack stated, “When the first officer turned on his light, I stopped and followed exactly as you should. But when three more vehicles pulled up quickly and rearranged my car, I freaked out. That’s when I set off. “

But the Kansas Highway Patrol has a different timeline.

A KHP spokesman said a Reno County soldier drove Womack at over 140 mph. The chase was stopped and resumed about 20 minutes later by a Pratt County sheriff’s deputy.

The chase went through several counties and ended in a Kiowa County field.

But Mike Kuckelman, Womack’s attorney on a recent civil rights case, said Friday that Womack was not the driver KHP saw in Reno County. Womack told him that authorities believed his Dodge Charger to be another suspect’s vehicle.

Kuckelman said that even if they assumed Womack drove irregularly, his client’s constitutional rights had been violated.

“Even if they attack his character and reputation and make him who he is not, we still have to ask the basic question: ‘Does that give you the right to chase him in a pickup and drive him over?’ Absolutely not, ”said Kuckelman.

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department, where Womack worked as a detective according to a press release earlier Thursday, said the only thing they can publish about Womack’s employment is that it ended on August 11, 2020. That date is four days before the MP ran him over in Kiowa County.

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