Intercourse assault allegation unfaithful, lawyer for Sgt. Caleb Roy asserts in courtroom

Sex assault allegation untrue, lawyer for Sgt. Caleb Roy asserts in court

The lawyer for a sergeant in the Waterloo Area Police Department (WRPS) charged with sexual assault says the alleged victim’s version of the alleged victim’s events is wrong.

Sgt. Caleb Roy is alleged to have sexually assaulted the woman in October 2010.

“Mr. Roy never did anything to you that night but be nice to you,” said attorney Harry Black.

The woman said she had no reason to lie and that Schwarz’s suggestions were wrong.

The woman, whose identity is protected by a disclosure ban, testified Monday that Roy picked her up and drove the two to Toronto one night in October 2010. She said she thought they were going to town for a night out dancing with other friends.

Instead, she said they went to an apartment where a friend of Roy lived and the three of them drank beer and chatted together.

When the night ended she said she tried to sleep on the couch but Roy insisted she go into the bedroom and eventually force her into the room where he sexually assaulted her.

Alternative view

Black questioned the woman in court on Tuesday about the alleged attack. He asked how Roy was able to take off her clothes, turn her over, and attack her while he held her while she resisted.

Black suspected that it was indeed the alleged victim who initiated sex with Roy that night. Roy, he said, was taking a nap in the bedroom when she walked in and started kissing and undressing him.

“None of this is true,” said the woman.

Black also asked why, in the event of the alleged attack, she stayed at the apartment afterwards and drove home with Roy the next morning. She had a credit card with her and could have brought an Uber home with her, Black suggested. She could have called the police, who would have arrived immediately, he said.

“I wish I had,” she said. “I did not.”

The woman said she felt overwhelmed at the time of the alleged attack. She said she was at a low point in her life and couldn’t bear to take on anything else that was negative.

The woman testified Monday that the two had “friends with benefits” for a period following the alleged attack after Roy suggested he could help her find a job. She said she felt she could get on with her life if something positive emerged from the incident.

The trial continues in a Toronto courtroom on Wednesday morning.


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