Household and attorneys of Ronald Greene say, they’ll hold combating for justice

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – A week after Louisiana State Police released a video showing the state troopers’ interaction with Ronald Greene, his family, lawyers, and supporters gathered at the state capitol.

On the steps of the Capitol, people shared what they saw in the video describing the soldiers’ actions as unfair.

Images courtesy of Brandon Prince

“Enough is enough. We will no longer take it, we no longer stand for it,” said Michael McClanahan, president of the NAACP Louisiana State Conference.

The state police released several videos of various soldiers’ bodycams. Part of the video shows a handcuffed Ronald Greene pleading for his life while the police cursed, dragged and stepped on him.

“It hurts like hell to even say my son was murdered,” said Greene’s mother, Mona Hardin.

People who spoke on Thursday afternoon are calling for more to be done.

“I don’t want to hear that I am sorry that you behaved unprofessionally for any reason. Let’s call what it is, that’s criminal. and if you are unwilling to stand up for the criminal then I don’t want to hear that you will not stand up for being complicit, ”said family lawyer Ron Haley.

Protesters said they are tired of seeing black men die at the hands of officials who have vowed to protect and serve.

“Imagine if we had to do a public lynching on television that was visible to all so people would just reaffirm the basic principle that black life matters,” said Alanah Odoms, executive director of the ACLU in Louisiana.

Through songs and speeches, people send a clear message, blame law enforcement agencies.

“Two years is too long, but not too late for justice,” said Haley.

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