Hawaii ‘Proud Boy’ May Face Penalties With Assist Of U.S. Lawyer

After a failed Republican candidate for Hawaii’s Statehouse aired his participation in the U.S. Capitol invasion on Wednesday, U.S. attorney from Hawaii Kenji Price promised his office would help bring participants in the mob to justice, the one Have a connection with the state.

Nick Ochs, a self-described “nationalist”, tweeted a photo from the Capitol on Wednesday. In it he grins while posing with a male friend. Both smoke cigarettes in one of the most sacred rooms in America.

“Hello from the capital, lol,” Ochs wrote and misspelled Capitol. He also admitted to CNN that he had entered the building with other rioters, which was captured in photos taken by the local media.

Nich Ochs poses with a friend who has not been publicly identified.


Ochs is the founder of Proud Boys Hawaii, a local chapter of a far-right organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group.

Until Thursday afternoon, von Ochs’ name did not appear in Washington DC law enforcement or on a list of detainees released by Washington DC police.

In a statement that did not name Ochs or anyone else, Price said his office would be conducting or assisting with an investigation or prosecution into the uprising, which is “properly connected to our jurisdiction.”

“The acts of those who attacked the Capitol – and above all, tried to stop the process by which free people determine who will lead this nation in the years to come – are against the principles that dozens of officials like me believe and I have sometimes risked life and limb to defend myself, ”said Price, a former army officer.

Hawaii Senator Karl Rhoads, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Ochs and others who stormed the building should be held accountable.

“This is an attack on one of the sacred places of democracy, not just in the United States but in the world,” he said. “When people go in and ravage the place like they’re destroying an abandoned building, it only hits the heart of democracy in the United States.”

Ochs claimed in an interview with CNN on Wednesday evening that he had neither gone to a convention bureau nor to the chambers.

“We didn’t have to break in, I just went in and filmed,” CNN quoted Ochs as saying. “There were thousands of people there – they had no control over the situation. I was not stopped or questioned. “

US attorneys in many other states on Thursday also expressed their commitment to hold responsible insurgents in their districts accountable.

“I have two days left for this job,” tweeted Justin Herdman, the US attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. “In the remaining time I can sleep very little. If these people, or anyone else who committed federal crimes at the Capitol today, are from North Ohio, you will be held accountable before I leave office. Coffee brews … “


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