Hashish in Mexico: FREE Webinar Tomorrow, January 28!

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Mexico will soon be the largest country in the world to legalize cannabis, and now it’s time to prepare for it.

Join Harris Bricken working with Mexico-based law firm Lawgic FREE one hour Q&A webinar Tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th at 12 noon, learn more about cannabis legalization in Mexico and how best to position yourself to benefit from it. The panel will be moderated by the international CBD lawyer for cannabis and hemp, Nathalie Bougenies. Adrián Cisneros Aguilar, our leading cannabis law attorney in Mexico, will answer your questions along with Aldo Ricardo Rodríguez Cortés and Roberto Ibarra López from Lawgic.

During this webinar we will discuss how companies and investors can participate in the soon-to-be-booming cannabis and hemp industry in Mexico. Panelists answer the following questions during the webinar:

  • What is the current situation regarding the legalization of cannabis in Mexico?
  • How imminent is legalization?
  • What can be done now (before legalization) and what can be done when the market is fully legal?
  • What are the most important business opportunities for national and international companies?
  • Which Links in Mexico’s Cannabis Supply Chain Are Best For Foreign Investment?
  • What are the main problems for national and international companies regarding cannabis imports, sales and marketing?
  • What should you and your company be doing in Mexico NOW to prepare for legalization?

The panelists spend the last 15 minutes answering participants’ questions. We will have more than 1,000 registrants. Please send us your questions before this event so that we can finally answer them all here on the blog or in a subsequent session.

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