Giuliani’s Wild 4 Seasons Rant Reportedly Scared Prime Attorneys From Election Combat

A number of lawyers were so upset by Rudy Giuliani’s conspiratorial abuse at a press conference last week that they were reluctant to accept commitments to work on the legal challenges for President Donald Trump’s election, Politico reported on Saturday.

Now Trump has held Giuliani, his personal attorney, responsible for all of his campaign lawsuits that have already faced difficult opportunities.

Election workers reportedly desperately tried to dissuade Giuliani from his savage press conference in Philadelphia on November 7th when multiple media outlets named Joe Biden the presidential winner. The botched event took place in the wrong Four Seasons – not in the luxury hotel, but in the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company between a sex shop and a crematorium.

Earlier this week, Giuliani was widely ridiculed after arguing that postal ballot papers “could have come from Mars for us”. He also said Biden could have voted “5,000 times” in Pennsylvania, a state where he is not registered.

“I can’t imagine a sane person … not being affected by their behavior,” Barry Richard, an attorney who represented George W. Bush in the Florida 2000 election recount, told Politico.

… Rudy Giuliani gave a press conference when the election was scheduled.

Here’s how that went.

– Fake Nick Ramsey @ 🏡 (@nick_ramsey) November 7, 2020

Untitled sources told Politico that Giuliani’s exaggerated claims severely undermined a “meticulous” legal strategy that Trump’s advisors had worked out for months. Campaigners characterized the press conference as a disaster that sparked the flight of valuable legal talent that the campaign had cultivated for months, Politico sources said.

Now they fear not only that the suits will wither, but that Giuliani will continue to damage Trump’s reputation and political future.

Trump tapped Giuliani to handle his lawsuits on Friday after a series of setbacks in the president’s court battles to question the outcome of the presidential election.

Attorneys for the well-known law firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur withdrew from the campaign lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, judges in Pennsylvania and two other states dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuits aimed at preventing mail-in ballots from being counted or stopped.

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