four attorneys in search of to happen of longtime Lincoln choose who retired in October | Crime and Courts

Four attorneys – Stephanie Hupp, Ryan Post, and Bradley Sipp of Lincoln, and Daniel Zieg of Bennet – have filed motions to replace a Lancaster County judge who retired in October.

Two are private lawyers in Lincoln, Hupp works at McHenry Haszard Roth Hupp Burkholder Blomenberg & Camplin; and Sipp at Bradley A. Sipp.

Post is assistant to the Nebraska Attorney General and Zieg is assistant to the Lancaster County Attorney General.

The Judicial Nominating Commission will review all applicants in a public hearing on January 28th.

Any member of the public wishing to submit a testimony for examination by the committee may give a written testimony by January 22 or give an oral testimony in person during the hearing in the courtroom of the Court of Appeals at the State Capitol.

The position opened with the resignation of Judge John A. Colborn.

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