Former metropolis supervisor speaks out on legal professional’s assertion – The Advocate-Messenger

An Advocate Messenger news report published online and in print contains a statement from Danville City attorney Stephen Dexter that is grossly inaccurate.

In its report, published on November 13, 2020, it says: “Salary changes bring grievances, record requests for the city; The attorney general says the city violated the Open Files Act. “Mr. Dexter is quoted as saying that during my tenure as Danville City Manager he” for some reason “failed to follow” the … instruction “of the Danville City Commission to” conduct a thorough review of classifications and compensations of [employees Joyce Collins and Erica Engle] to confirm their classification and compensation. “

According to the article, this “assignment” came “in late fall 2019” before I replaced outgoing city administrator Ron Scott in January 2020. Although I was briefed on the report by Mr Scott and Mr Dexter, I was never informed of a copy or extract from the document allegedly written by independent labor law specialist Barbara A. Kriz of Kriz, Jenkins, Pruitt & Jones, PSC of Lexington . In addition, during my tenure as the city administrator, I received no specific instruction from the city commission regarding the salary and compensation of Ms. Collins or Ms. Engle. It wasn’t until January 28, 2020, that I learned from Bobbie Curd of The Advocate-Messenger that “the end of the report says the issues with the new city manager and HR manager will be revisited”.

David Milliron
Former Danville City Manager

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