Former cybersecurity director would possibly take authorized motion towards Trump marketing campaign lawyer after ‘harmful’ remarks

Former cybersecurity director might take legal action against Trump campaign lawyer after 'dangerous' remarks

Joe diGenova, a Trump campaign attorney, told a Boston radio host Monday that the dismissed cybersecurity director Christopher Krebs should be shot.

The comments were made on an episode of “The Howie Carr Show,” according to CNN.

According to NBC News, diGenova called Cancer a “Class A idiot” and was supposed to be “taken out and shot at dawn”.

According to CNN, diGenova attempted to back down Tuesday by portraying his remarks as a joke, stating they were “sarcastic and joking,” NBC reported.

Krebs was fired by President Donald Trump last month after Homeland Security said the general election was the safest in US history.

During an interview on NBC’s “TODAY” show Tuesday, Krebs said he could take legal action after classifying the remarks as “dangerous.”


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