Fed Up Dad and mom Sue Metropolis of Racine, Wisconsin Over Faculty Closures

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Parents of high school students in the city of Racine, Wisconsin, are complaining about continued school closings.

A group of Wisconsin parents are not happy with the city of Racine as public and private schools remain closed due to the coronavirus. As a result, parents of five private schools along with School Choice Wisconsin are sued against the city. According to the lawsuit, the city “closed its public and private schools in an attempt to curb the spread, despite a Supreme Court ruling preventing such closures COVID-19. “Currently the city has ordered that the schools should remain closed until January 15, 2021.

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The plaintiffs are represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty and recently petitioned for an injunction under a Nov. 12 order from Racine Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox, requiring schools to switch to virtual learning. When giving the order, she said:

“We are concerned that here, too, individuals are not responsible. You will interact with people outside of your home. You will go to meetings and all … you will not be masked. They won’t distance themselves socially and won’t stay home when they are sick. “

Many parents and parishioners backed the order, arguing that “switching would disrupt the timetable and that students would not get the same benefit as they would from personal classes.” Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin, added that COVID -19 is just one of several factors “that help make a kind of personal instruction possible”. In an interview he said:

“All schools in Racine and across the state have been working overtime to provide safe and clean facilities for students. But COVID isn’t the only factor in that decision. Children have to be in school … given that option … there are economic implications for families, time commitments … all kinds of problems when you talk about having thousands of students at home. “

It is important to note that on Nov. 25, the Wisconsin Supreme Court “issued an injunction prohibiting the city from closing schools … The order remains in place until the court over a similar case in Dane County, 100 miles west , decide. “Empower Wisconsin, a conservative website, stated:

“On the same day, Bowersox emailed the Racine school administrators claiming that the court’s ruling would not change the status of the city-only Safer Racine ordinance.”

When asked about the city’s decision to keep schools closed despite the state Supreme Court’s injunction, a Racine Unified School District spokeswoman said the court order deviated from city rules. Stacy Tapp, community communications and engagement director for the school district added:

“We’re still closed because the city ordinance (unlike the Supreme Court order) has closed schools until January 15th.”

As part of the lawsuit, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed an urgency motion urging the court to despise Bowersox. The group also would like the city to impose a $ 2,000 fine every day it opposes the restraining order.


Wisconsin’s parents are suing the city of Racine for school closings



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