FBI, U.S. Legal professional’s Workplace Put together For Potential Violence, Ask Public To Ship Info – Los Alamos Reporter


The Albuquerque FBI and US Attorneys are working with federal, state and local partners to prepare for possible violence in New Mexico in connection with the recent riots in Washington, DC and the impending inauguration of the president.

The FBI has set up a command post to monitor emerging threats in our area and share information with our partners. The FBI’s assets are on standby to aid an investigation and respond to possible threats of violence against the state capital, federal buildings and other key facilities.

“Our focus is not on peaceful demonstrators, but on people who incite violence and want to participate in criminal activities,” said the FBI special agent responsible, James Langenberg. “The public can help by contacting us if they know someone is planning to commit violence or damage government buildings.”

“While we protect and defend the peaceful exercise of freedom of speech, we will not tolerate violence, willful disregard of the law, or incitement to criminal activity. The US Attorney’s Office in New Mexico works closely with the FBI and our other law enforcement partners. We are ready to act if there is a connection to our jurisdiction that warrants a federal charge, ”said acting US attorney Fred Federici.

The main FBI number is (505) 889-1300.

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