Frquently Asked Questions

Why do I need Online Legal Pages?

If you’re doing business online, it is a business necessity to have these forms. Not only can you face civil fines of thousands of dollars PER VIOLATION (and each access of your website, or each email or text you send can qualify as a “violation” under some circumstances), but Google and other search engines penalize sites for not having these critical legal forms easily findable on your websites.

But I just bought a legal forms plugin from a developer. Why should I invest in Online Legal Pages?

Trusting your online legal document creation to an internet product creator or developer is like trusting your five year old’s brain surgery to be performed by her kindergarten teacher. While the teacher is in all probability a fine person and very competent at what he is trained to do, he is completely outside his expertise in a very highly regulated area. Are you really willing to risk your business?

What if I live in a country outside of the U.S.?

Even if you reside in another country, if you conduct business (e.g. solicit prospects or sell products or services) via a website in any of the 50 states or U.S. territories, it is good business practice to comply with the legal requirements covered by our documents. Online Legal Pages licensed documents are designed to comply with U.S. federal law. Although laws outside the U.S. were not incorporated into Online Legal Pages forms, many countries do have laws similar to United States law. If you have specific questions concerning laws of a particular country please consult a qualified attorney licensed to practice in that country.

Do I have to install anything on my computer to use Online Legal Pages?

The Online Legal Pages site is designed to generate documents directly from our web-based site, which means that our service is compatible with all computers that have a web browser and access to the internet. No additional downloads are mandatory. All major web browsers support our service, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

On how many sites may I use forms generated by Online Legal Pages?

You may use Online Legal Pages software to generate documents on a single or multiple sites that you own, depending on the license you purchased. You may not generate legal forms for sites owned by others. Those site owners must purchase a copy of the software for themselves. We do not currently offer a developer’s license. If you are developing a website for someone else, you may assist that site owner in generating their own licensed copy or copies via their own separate purchase of an Online Legal Pages license

How often are the Online Legal Pages documents updated?

The documents you create with Online Legal Pages are updated regularly as necessary to reflect relevant changes in laws relating to online business practices or to keep up with changes in policies of major service providers that might affect applicable Online Legal Pages documents.

When utilizing the Online Legal Pages hosted option, updated versions of the legal forms will be dynamically generated by our system, creating instant updates on all of your licensed, registered sites, with no additional action required on your part after initial registration.

This dynamic capability gives additional protection for your sites by providing timely and relevant updates to your legal forms.
If you prefer to host your forms on your own site, you may either update them via the convenient WordPress plugin provided as part of your license, or you may copy the HTML documents created for your account and place them on your sites yourself. If you do choose to host your forms on your site, please note that the updates will not be updates automatically, but only when you log into your account and initiate the upgraded versions manually.

Will I get direct legal consultation or legal services to help me customize my forms with my Online Legal Pages license purchase?

The documents you create with Online Legal Pages are offered at a very affordable price to provide online business owners who can’t afford to create customized documents based on their own business needs. Your purchase of the Online Legal Pages software does NOT make you a client of Attorney Lory Moore or her law firm, and neither Attorney  nor her staff can provide legal consultation as a part of your purchase.
If you desire attorney-customized legal documents for your business, you should retain a qualified attorney to modify the forms at their professional rate.

Any correspondence with Attorney does not create a client/attorney relationship. Neither the content of Online Legal Pages nor transmissions between you and Online Legal Pages or Attorney through your purchase of this product are intended to provide legal or other advice or to create an attorney-client relationship.

Is there a cost of having my legal documents hosted on the Online Legal Pages site?

As a special offer to those who purchase Online Legal Pages during our introductory grand opening pricing, you will receive one full year of legal updates, no matter how many times the law changes. You will also receive hosting for 12 months. This time next year, should you choose to continue receiving any updates that Attorney Lory Moore deems necessary to keep our documents compliant, you will receive a “Grandfather” rate of 25% off whatever our pricing is at that time (we’re thinking $97-$147 per year, billed annually or monthly, so 25% off that). Should you not want to continue receiving updates, you will continue to have access to your account…you just won’t receive the updates. You can continue to use the documents indefinitely. Your hosting will be disabled after the one-year anniversary, as it’s impractical for us to continue to extend that service to non-paying customers. This way you get a sweetheart deal on top-notch legal documents, cutting edge technology, and one great deal in a year’s time, should you choose to continue allowing us to serve your online legal document needs.