Ex-Trump legal professional interesting Michigan go well with in search of to overturn election

Attorney Sidney Powell, a former member of President Donald Trump's legal team, speaks during a rally on December 2, 2020 in Alpharetta, Georgia.

A team of attorneys who support President Donald Trump and his protracted efforts to undermine the will of voters are appealing a recent Michigan federal court ruling in which a judge denied his motion to overturn state election results.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker ruled against Sidney Powell and other lawyers who relied on conspiracy theories and misinformation to get the court to force Governor Gretchen Whitmer to cast Michigan’s votes to Trump.

On Tuesday evening, Attorney Stefanie Lynn Junttila appealed to the US District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan. While their filing in the online federal filing system points to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in general would hear appeals from federal court cases originating in Michigan.

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President-elect Joe Biden won the state with around 154,000 votes. When Parker declined, he said, “People have spoken.”

Indeed, this lawsuit appears to be less about obtaining the relief sought by plaintiffs – since much of that relief is outside the power of this court – than about the impact of their allegations on people’s confidence in the democratic process and their confidence in our government, “wrote Parker in part of her 36-page statement.

“Plaintiffs are asking the court to ignore the orderly legal system of contesting elections and the will of millions of voters. The court cannot and will not do this.”

Courts across the country have fought these and other claims from the Trump campaign. On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear a case in Pennsylvania that sought to invalidate all postal ballot papers cast in that state’s elections. It is unclear why this call would stand a better chance.

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At no point has the Trump campaign or anyone else provided evidence of widespread electoral fraud. US Attorney General William Barr recently said the Department of Justice had found no evidence of fraud affecting the election result.

However, Trump and some allies continue to argue – with no evidence or evidence – that they really won the election.

Junttila did not immediately respond to a request for comment. She also represented the controversial Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf on a recently dismissed federal lawsuit. US District Judge Robert Jonker dismissed the lawsuit on Tuesday, saying Leaf’s lawsuit was barely a legal action urging the court to make “speculative leaps towards a hazy and nebulous inference” of fraud.

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel, whose office is representing Whitmer in court, also did not respond immediately.

David Fink, who represents the city of Detroit, said the appeal had no chance of success.

“There is nothing to complain about. Your complaint was based on utter nonsense. As Judge Parker said, the people spoke.” It is time for President Trump and these Republican attorneys to drop their frivolous claims and accept the will of the voters, “said Fink.

Although Trump originally praised Powell’s efforts, his campaign has since tried to distance itself from her. Among her allegations in lawsuits filed in Michigan and elsewhere, she alleges that ballot tabulation software developed by confederates of the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is used in a massive international conspiracy to rig elections across the country.

On Monday, Michigan delegates will give the state’s 16 electoral votes to Biden. He will take over the presidency in January.

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