Election recount ongoing for district lawyer’s race | Information

Election recount ongoing for district attorney’s race | News

The race for the 13th district attorney is automatically counted with just 136 votes.

When the state announced the election results on Tuesday, November 24, Republican Joshua Jimenez had 56,428 votes compared to Democrat Barbara Romo’s 56,564 votes.

Since the total is within half a percentage point, the race is automatically counted according to state law.

Barbara Romo

13. Democratic District Attorney Candidate

CandJimenez, Joshua 1 COL.png

Joshua Jimenez

13. Candidate Republican District Attorney

In Valencia County, Jimenez received 55 percent of the 31,045 votes cast, while Romo in Sandoval County received 52 percent of the 73,434 votes and 53 percent of the 8,513 votes in Cibola County.

The three counties in the 13th judicial district – Valencia, Cibola and Sandoval – were given from December 1st to 3rd to count the votes for the DA race.

Once the ballots have been counted for just that race, the results will be sent to the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office, said Peggy Carabajal, Valencia District Administrator.

“We all started at 8am on Tuesday and had three days to finish,” said Carabajal. “The state advertising commission will meet again on Tuesday, December 10th to review the results.”

Until the narrated race is promoted and certified by the State Board, the numbers remain unofficial.


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