DOJ Asks Stephen Bannon’s Attorneys to Keep On Case

DOJ Asks Stephen Bannon's Attorneys to Stay On Case

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Stephen Bannon

Public prosecutors in federal criminal proceedings against Stephen K. Bannon I want his current lawyers to stay, at least until the successors step forward.

From the letter submitted on Sunday:

In order to ensure an orderly transition of representation and to prevent undue delay, the government respectfully requests the Tribunal not to allow defense counsel to retire until a new lawyer is retained, and in that case appears on behalf of the defendant ( or the accused will be appointed attorney after demonstration eligibility by filing the required affidavit). In the absence of the appearance (or appointment) of a new lawyer to represent the defendant during the pending trial and to assure the court that the transition to a new lawyer will not cause any delay, the government would refuse to withdraw the lawyer.

Bannon is accused of participating in a money laundering system around a privately funded wall on the US-Mexico border. He and co-defendants including Brian Kolfage uses donations to fund Kolfage’s “lavish lifestyle” instead, prosecutors have said.

Bannon lawyer William Burck In early November, it announced that his law firm, Quinn Emanuel, was leaving the case and that the defendant was getting a new lawyer. That happened to be the day after Bannon proposed that the FBI director be appointed Christopher Wray and Dr. Anthony Fauci is pike.

“I would really like to go back to the old days of Tudor England,” Bannon said at the time. “I would lay my heads on pike, right. I would place them on the two corners of the White House to warn federal bureaucrats. Either you come with the program or you are gone. “

When his lawyers announced their departure, they caused the court to postpone a status conference until Wednesday to buy time for the transition, records show. This application was unopposed at the time, but no substitutes appeared in court. Now the DOJ wants Burck and Co-Counsel Daniel Rickert Koffmann Stay up.

The defense did not immediately respond to a request from Law & Crime for comment.

You can read the DOJ’s letter here.

DOJ rejects Bannon attorneys who leave Law & Crime’s case on Scribd

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