District lawyer, household react to suspect’s situations of launch

On Thursday, a judge denied prosecutors’ request to keep Barber in jail pending trial.

According to a judge, Barber must wear a Soberlink device and is not allowed to drink or drive.

Arellano’s brother, Alexandro Arellano, told KOB 4 that he was upset that someone accused of killing two people and injuring his brother could be released from prison.

“I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe they would let out such a person,” he said.

Robles’ older brother, Armando Robles, shared the same sentiment.

“Aside from the shock, we were really angry and upset,” he said.

“What else can we do?” He asked.

In New Mexico, prosecutors must file a motion asking a judge to keep a defendant behind bars pending trial. However, if a judge believes that he can impose certain conditions on release in order to keep the community safe, the suspect can be released.

“When citizens voted to pass this reform – and I voted to pass this reform – we were specifically told that we would do so to give judges the authority to arrest dangerous people,” said Bernalillo District Attorney. Raul Torrez.

Torrez believes Barber should be detained without bond pending trial.

“I reject this idea that this is a lack of evidence,” he said.

Torrez also mentioned several recent cases where they applied for pre-trial detention but their application was denied. According to Torrez, some of these suspects have already committed new crimes since their release.

“All of this shows that the system is not working,” he said.

Torrez urges state lawmakers to address the issue.

Robles said he only wanted justice for his family.

“It’s not fair because someone made the decision to drink and drive and ended up [Diego’s] Life and we need justice for him, “he said.

The family has already received enough donations to fund Diego’s funeral. However, they are still asking for help to pay for Alfredo’s service and Fernando’s medical expenses related to the crash.

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