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According to the rules of the committee, at least two members of the opposing party must have a quorum. However, the committees have acted by majority in the past and the committee could simply change the rules. All sides will then be satisfied. Republicans will get their vote and Democrats will get their show – and voters will get little more than the same inferior performance art from “the world’s most advisory body”.

The boycott comes after Democratic senators, especially Senator Dianne Feinstein, faced increasing criticism of their courtesy during the Barrett nomination. Democratic voters wanted a professional wrestling match with rammers and chair slams. Even though they know it’s a fake, they wanted the senators to at least pretend they were trying to harm each other. Instead, they observed a largely civil and often friendly exchange between senators. It was completely out of sync with the demands of an age of anger.

The final outrage apparently came with the hug Feinstein gave at the end of the hearing to Chairman Lindsey Graham after saying this was “the best series of hearings I have attended”. No hug has been so fatal since Sherlock Holmes hugged Professor Moriarty before tumbling over the Reichenbach Falls. Collegiality brought many liberals into immediate apoplexy, and some demanded that Feinstein step down as the senior member. Pro-Choice Group President Ilyse Hogue, NARAL, said the gesture was “wildly out of step with the American people. Therefore, we believe that the committee needs new leadership. “It was certainly“ wildly out of step ”with current American politics, which require nothing less than uninhibited and irrational anger.

In an astonishing step, the minority leader, Chuck Schumer, made an effort to humiliate Feinstein and publicly say that he had given her a serious talk. Other colleagues above all failed to defend themselves – she turned in the wind instead of risking the wrath of the democratic base by supporting her long-time colleague.

440px Mazie Hirono official portrait 113th CongressThe Democrats reportedly plan to bring back the pictures of people becoming Barrett’s victims if they vote against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in a case slated for argument on Nov. 10. I previously wrote about how unfair and unprecedented this ad for a confirmation hearing was. Not only are Democrats now basing their confirmatory votes on the expected vote of a candidate in a pending case, but they are indeed misleading the public. As I mentioned earlier, the Senators have been open to voting against Barrett unless she assures them that she will vote to uphold the law. Senator Mazie K. Hirono (D., HI) recently announced that she would vote against Barrett because “she will vote to crush the affordable care law”. In reality, the ACA case is unlikely to be put down. The Court of Justice can agree to the lower court by declaring the individual mandate of the original ACA unconstitutional. The real question, however, is whether this provision can be “severed” from the rest of the law. Most legal experts believe that the court has a clear majority to approve the settlement and keep the rest of the law. The law was originally saved by Chief Justice John Roberts, who found the individual mandate to be constitutional. Congress later revoked the mandate. He and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are viewed as likely to be part of the vote. Even if the ACA has been put down, both parties undertake to continue protecting pre-existing terms.

None of this matters. The Democrats continue to display these giant images designed to portray Barrett like a serial killer surrounded by their victims. Now they won’t even be in the room. The images will be all that remains on the democratic side, a fitting symbol for a now literal empty sack strategy.


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