Controversial Aussie lawyer loses ‘x-rated’ plates in authorized battle – Information

Sydney Lamborghini driver Peter Lavac has vowed never to return to “fat cat bullying” after a court attempt to keep his controversial LGOPNR license plates failed on Monday.

NSW police confiscated the signs – which are short for “leg openers” – after running over Mr Lavac while he was driving his yellow Lamborghini for a random breath test in November.

He has since fought to have them return and wanted a judicial statement that their contents could not be considered objectionable.

On Monday, Magistrate Greg Elks in Downing Center District Court ruled in favor of Transport for NSW, which claims it retained ownership of all state license plates and was free to recall them at will.

Following the setback, Mr. Lavac, a lawyer and former Hong Kong prosecutor, said he already had ideas for his next custom registration.

This includes the British clothing brand’s nickname “FCUK”, but he said he would be more likely to settle for “XLEGO” – an abbreviation for “extra-large ego”.

“The main reason I took these people to court was to send a message,” he told the court.

“And that was my way of saying, as politely as I know, ‘Hey guys, this is the 21st century. This is Australia. This is a free country. It’s a democracy. It’s not the Soviet Union. ‘

“So get yourself a life. Get a sense of humor and get over it. “

In court, Mr Lavac argued that the vanity units were “an ironic, funny, humorous homage to my reputation as a playboy”.

But Mr Elks said the attorney had been given several opportunities during his month-long tenure, which began in August, to comply with requests from an agency that “followed all procedural steps”.

The judge also ruled that he was not empowered to examine whether the content of the signs was offensive or not.

When the decision was made, 74-year-old Lavac was accompanied by model Melanie Wright. She was recently recruited for a photoshoot with his Lambo and the X-rated license plates.

“I am not in the least concerned about this court decision,” said Mr Lavac.

“I have never withdrawn from a challenge or fight in my entire life. It’s not in my DNA.

“I paddled across the South China Sea on a surf ski. I disabled a shooter at the Sydney Hilton – why on earth would I ever go back to a bunch of … fat cat bullies?

“The reason I am not concerned about this court decision is that we have already won – we won the pub test – we won in the public opinion court.”

He also alleged authorities tried to intimidate him when police confiscated his signs during a vehicle stop, but said it would not silence him.

Mr Lavac said the only offensive part of the license plate saga was the taxpayer’s money “wasted on this trivial Mickey Mouse bullshit”.

“Hell will freeze over before I apologize,” he said. “If this offends you, all I can say is that you are getting a life.”

Mr Lavac was wearing sweatpants and walking shoes and, according to his testimony in front of the court, posed for photos.


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