Connecticut Inmate Awarded $250Ok After Giving Beginning in Cell

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Connecticut officials are demanding over $ 250,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by an inmate after giving birth alone in her cell without medical assistance.

Connecticut officials recently agreed to settle a lawsuit by a state prison inmate who “gave birth in a toilet in her cell and claims she was denied medical care.” Despite agreeing to pay more than $ 250,000, officials have not admitted any wrongdoing.

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According to the lawsuit, Tianna Laboy, an inmate at the York Correctional Institution Women’s Prison in Niantic, “complained of severe abdominal pain and bloody discharge in the hours before the birth in 2018, but was informed that medical staff was unavailable.” On February 13, 2018, she gave birth “five weeks early, without medical assistance” in her cell’s toilet. After the traumatic birth, the child had to spend two weeks in the intensive care unit and is “now in the care of Laboy’s mother”.

Shortly after the child was born, “two UConn Health staff who provided medical care in the prison were dragged out of prison and told not to return while the matter was being investigated.” However, their licenses are still up-to-date on the state’s Department of Health website. In addition, there are “no records of disciplinary actions or pending charges against her”.

Two weeks after the incident, the state announced a change in medical care for inmates. Rather than having UConn Health responsible for inmate health, the Corrections Department is taking on “in response to growing concerns about medical care for inmates across the state.”

Following the incident, the Corrections Department investigated the matter and discovered “a number of missteps, including the fact that nurses did not associate Laboy’s abdominal pain with premature birth.”

Of the $ 250,000 settlement agreement, $ 83,000 will go towards attorneys’ fees, while approximately $ 112,000 will go to a trust for Laboy’s daughter. Another $ 55,000 will be used “for 23-year-old Laboy, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence in the state women’s prison for failing to fatally stabbing a male companion in New Britain in 2017,” said Kenneth Krayeske, one of the lawyers who Laboy represented. It is important to note, however, that the agreement does not include things like “required medical training for staff that would improve conditions” in prison, Krayeske said. He added:

“It’s just money … It’s not about the terms of your detention and it’s not about some of the bigger problems. We have not received any injunctions or promises from the state that this will not happen again. “


Inmate who gave birth in the cell receives $ 250,000 settlement

The inmate who gave birth on the toilet in the CT cell will receive $ 250,000 in severance pay


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