Colorado U.S. Lawyer Jason Dunn to resign | State Information

DENVER (AP) – Colorado’s US attorney Jason Dunn plans to resign as the Biden government prepares to appoint new top federal attorneys.

Dunn, a representative appointed by President Donald Trump, told Colorado Public Radio that his resignation would take effect February 28. He joined the U.S. law firm in 2018 and declined to speak about his future plans.

Dunn is one of more than 50 leading federal attorneys who have been asked to resign – a normal occurrence with changes in US presidential administration.

Dunn’s successor has to be confirmed by the US Senate.

Colorado Democratic Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper have recommended possible replacements, including Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson, U.S. Assistant Attorney Hetal Doshi, and Cole Finnegan, a former Denver City attorney who was then mayor of Denver, Hickenlooper, served as chief of staff.

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