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To be successful in the legal field today, the modern attorney must properly take care of his online presence. Whether through paid advertising, grassroots social media, or website SEO, lawyers need to use fast, efficient, and effective ways to connect with prospects online. Maintaining your Google Business profile is an inexpensive, but sometimes confusing way of promoting yourself. With Clio’s Google My Business integration, you can now easily increase your presence on Google directly from your Clio Manage portal.


Clio’s partnership with Google allows users to create and manage their Google My Business profile directly in their Clio account. It’s actually quite simple as Clio’s Google My Business interface is built right into Clio Manage. You can get started easily by going to the Settings menu and following the instructions. Clio and Google will walk you through the whole process.

Google My Business Interface from Clio

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When you set it up, it will walk you through all of the steps necessary to get your business verified on Google. This will add your business to Google Search and Maps, create and update office information (including hours of operation), and get Google reviews of your service. This also makes it easier for potential customers to contact you or simply verify your existence.

Connect directly to prospects

Creating an efficient client intake is an essential aspect of the modern lawyer process. The collection of potential customer information is an important part of this. By connecting Google My Business with Clio’s appointment booking tool, potential customers can conveniently book and pay for consultations directly from their Google My Business profile. Even if you’ve already automated this process, it can reduce the need for a potential customer to go to your website to just book a call.

How this can help your business

It is more important than ever to make sure your business is easy to find and reach online. Over half of potential customers look for legal services online. Google has more than 90% of the global search market share and has become the new storefront. By integrating Clio with Google My Business, you can ultimately turn Google searches into customers.

How to get it

To learn more about Clio’s Google my Business integration or to sign up for a free demo, visit

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