CJ reprimands corona-hit lawyer for showing in courtroom

CJ reprimands corona-hit lawyer for appearing in court

ISLAMABAD: Panic was seen during a trial in Courtroom 1 of the Supreme Court on Wednesday after a lawyer suffering from COVID-19 appeared in court. Barrister Adnan Khan appeared before a bank led by the Supreme Magistrate of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed and said he appeared in court despite testing positive. This caused panic in the courtroom, where the Chief Justice made an exception to the attorney’s non-serious attitude. “Why did you come to court? Why do you play with other people’s lives? “Asked the Chief Justice. Attorney Adnan informed the Chief Justice that he had filed a motion with another court and requested an adjournment because he tested positive but his motion was not accepted. The chief judge asked the attorney to submit his arguments in writing and to leave the courtroom at the earliest.

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