Choose drops homicide costs after no present of prosecutor from St. Louis Circuit Legal professional’s workplace

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis District Attorney Kim Gardner comes under fire after a judge dismissed charges of murder of an accused murderer.

The unusual move came after the prosecutor from Gardner’s office responsible for the case failed to appear in court. Now the chairman of the St. Louis Aldermanic Public Safety Committee wants to call Gardner in front of his committee to explain the incident.

Judge Jason Sengheiser wrote a damning injunction dropping the murder charge. The accused murderer Brandon Campbell has been released from prison and is still at large.

The judge noted in his order that the prosecutor in charge of the case was on maternity leave for three months and said the office had not replaced her.

Protesters in St. Louis urge Courts to withdraw Kim Gardner

The judge sharply criticized Gardner’s office for the mix-up, saying, “The district attorney’s office has essentially given up its duty to prosecute those they accuse of crimes.”

A spokeswoman for Kim Gardner admitted in a statement that a major mistake had been made: “After reviewing our internal policies and procedures regarding family leave, we have determined that corrective action is needed to prevent a future recurrence of the incident in question to prevent further. “.”

Aldermanic Public Safety Committee chairman Joe Vacarro calls the incident “shocking” and says there is no excuse for not showing up.

He says it is a clear case of bad management by Kim Gardner. But former prosecutor Jerryl Christmas, who worked for Gardner’s predecessor, thinks differently.

He is the spokesman for the Mound City Bar Association, which represents black lawyers.

Christmas says the judge didn’t have to let the accused murderer back on the streets, but could have just continued the case.

“We have people who are more concerned about embarrassing the prosecutor than having an effective system,” Christmas said.

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