California’s San Bernardino County Loses One other Lawsuit In opposition to Gov. Newsom

The county was hoping to improve Governor Newsom’s home-stay orders.

California’s San Bernardino County has spent more than $ 76,000 on a single lawsuit contesting Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent home stay order.

San Bernardino County spokesman David Wert announced the full cost of litigation late last week, according to The Victorville Daily Press. The county’s announcement came several days after the California Supreme Court denied a motion to lift a statewide lockdown.

The county also failed to get any more votes from the council to continue litigation against the governor’s office.

However, Wert said that San Bernardino County will continue to seek new ways to ensure its residents stay afloat during the pandemic.

“The district is disappointed and is weighing its options,” said Wert. “But the county will continue to use all possible means to achieve fair treatment for all of our communities.”

Despite the cost of the lawsuit, the daily press suggests that San Bernardino County officials more or less expected their complaint to fall short in court.

A woman wearing an N95 style mask. Image via Pexels. Public domain.

Even that winter, District Councilor Michelle Blakemore had told the board of directors – which was just beginning to contemplate litigation – that dozens of lawsuits against Newsom’s home stay had either been dropped or dismissed. Blakemore said, “The state has made it clear that it is questioning all measures related to California’s handling of the pandemic.”

Even so, the county went ahead and sued.

“This county is seeking this immediate letter to regain police power over its residents and the vast land mass of annexed and unregistered areas so that it can adjust regulations and orders that are specific to its residents based on facts that are unique for their locations. Submit the residents to a regionalized lock implemented by the governor in several counties, ”the lawsuit said.

“That power is left to the local authority, rather than leaving it in the hands of respondents 400 miles away to fight this pandemic,” the county said.

However, the state Supreme Court declined to consider the petition and rejected it late last week.

The lawsuit is one of several unsuccessful complaints that San Bernardino County has filed against Newsom. Another push is currently being made against Newsom’s dining and restaurant restrictions in several counties.

In the latter lawsuit, San Bernardino alleged that Newsom even closed outdoor restaurants, although there is relatively little evidence that outdoor eating is a major contributor to community diffusion.

Supervisor Curt Hagman, who contributed to the filing, said the stay-at-home arrangement and the lack of accessible venues made many people prefer to hang out with friends or relatives in smaller private homes.

It is unknown how much this lawsuit cost or will cost the county taxpayers.


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