Bart Davis to resign as U.S. lawyer for Idaho

Davis said he would step down as a U.S. attorney for Idaho District effective Feb.28.

BOISE, Idaho – U.S. attorney Bart M. Davis announced Thursday that he will be stepping down on Feb. 28 after serving in the Idaho district for more than three years.

The Idaho Falls-born and former Idaho Senate Majority Leader was nominated for the position by former President Donald Trump and confirmed by the US Senate in September 2017.

It is common for US attorneys to resign or be replaced shortly after a change in presidential administration. Former US attorney Wendy Olson resigned about a month after Trump was inaugurated.

“It has been an honor for me to do my professional career as an attorney for the people of Idaho along with the incredibly hard-working team in the US attorney general,” Davis said in a statement. “In the past three-plus years this team has overcome tremendous challenges, from the longest federal government shutdown in American history to a global pandemic.

“Through all of this, the lawyers and support staff in this office have been faithful to enforce the law, assisting our law enforcement partners, and protecting our fellow citizens,” he added. “I couldn’t be more proud of the work you have done. I am extremely pleased to leave this office in your competent hands.”

Rafael M. Gonzalez Jr. will immediately take up office as acting lawyer in the United States, a position he held for seven months in 2017 after Olson stepped down.

Gonzalez has been with the US Attorney’s Office since 1995 and the Justice Department since 1991.

During his tenure, Davis hired 26 federal employees, including 10 U.S. Assistant Attorneys (AUSAs) and four special AUSAs.

“We have been incredibly successful in recruiting great officials over the past three years,” said Davis. “You are my legacy.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office touted her records during Davis’ tenure, finding that she filed more than 1,000 criminal cases, prosecuted nearly 100 online child robbers, and targeted fraud related to the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things.

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