Baltimore Metropolis State’s Lawyer’s Workplace recordsdata FCC criticism in opposition to WBFF for biased, inflammatory protection

BALTIMORE – The Baltimore City Attorney’s Office filed a formal complaint with the FCC requesting an investigation into broadcasting practices and media content distributed by WBFF, a Baltimore City network affiliated with Fox News.

Specifically, the information distributed to the public about the SAI and its Chief Prosecutor, Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.

According to the rules of the FCC[b]Roadcasters are not allowed to deliberately falsify the messages “and” manipulate or incline messages ” [deemed] a heinous act against the public interest. “Given these FCC guidelines, an investigation into WBFF’s persistent and weird broadcasts against the SAO and the prosecutor would prove that the WBFF administrators were guilty of such a” heinous act “[s]. “

“In my capacity at the prosecution, I have found that the coverage of the WBFF continues to follow a disturbing and dangerous pattern: starting with a weird, manipulated, misleading, or inflammatory headline; followed by a conspiracy theory; and backed up with guest commentary from angry Ex-employees or political opponents who give false credibility to their biased reporting or omission of facts. Using this exercise pattern in their broadcasts, citizens are consistently misinformed not only about the basis and intent of law enforcement policies, but also about the merit of most criminal offenses Condemnations are skewed to harm the common good advocated by prosecutors. Most disturbingly, what appears to be a deliberate crusade against Prosecutor Mosby, given today’s politically charged and s is extremely dangerous, “said the communications director of the SAO. Zy Richardson.

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