Attorneys to sue after Alpharetta police used Ok-9 on handcuffed man

Lawyers publish video of Alpharetta man’s arrest

During the incident, a dog officer releases a dog on Travis Moya, now his lawyers are calling for a full investigation.

Lawyers representing an Alpharetta man arrested outside his home this weekend posted a video of the incident Thursday and announced plans to file a lawsuit.

Kami Moya was filming the video on her cell phone when Alpharetta police arrested her husband Travis Moya on Sunday. The video shows Moya talking to officers with his hands tied behind his back. Officials bring the 36-year-old to the ground and then a K-9 dealer can be heard ordering the dog to “get him”.

“It’s disturbing. It’s shocking and it has the same visceral effect that people saw on TV during civil rights marches in the 60s when they let dogs loose on them,” said attorney L … Chris Stewart.

Lawyers said Moya was in the midst of a mental crisis and a neighbor called 911 to ask an ambulance to pick him up. Instead, the police responded.

Officials charged Moya with “willfully obstructing police officers through threats or violence,” which is a crime.

“We are calling today that the Fulton County District Attorney dismiss the charges against Mr. Moya,” said Attorney Gerald Griggs.

A spokesman for the Fulton County District Attorney released the statement:

“The prosecutor has been informed of the situation from a conversation with Mr. Stewart and Mr. Griggs. The office will collect the evidence in the case. After the evaluation it will be decided whether charges will be brought against all those involved. “.”

Alpharetta police said they are also checking the interaction.

“This incident, like any other violence, is going through a violence protocol and is under review,” Alpharetta police said in a statement to FOX 5.

“If they think it’s fair to let a dog loose on a subdued, non-violent person, then we have a problem with that,” Stewart said. “But if they say they are going through their normal review process and say next week that it was an unjustified use of force, the officers will be fired, fired, prosecutors opened an investigation and the city is planning on settling the civil case, then we will be satisfied with this result. “

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