Attorneys submit proposed jury questionnaire for males charged in alleged plot to kidnap governor

The attorneys for the four men pending federal charges over the alleged plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer have tabled jury questions that they hope the courts will allow them to use when the time comes Select a jury for their process.

Some of the questions the defense has asked to be included on a jury questionnaire include whether or not you or someone in your family owns a firearm, thoughts on Second Amendment stakeholders, and whether or not any potential jury member has ever belonged to a militia not.

Several questions are also asked about what potential jurors think of Governor Whitmer and how she dealt with the pandemic.

Prosecutors turned against some of the interrogation lines in their own filing with the court, stating that they did not believe that the jury should be told what the accused were being charged with before a jury actually sits.

The remaining four men charged against federal charges are due to be tried in October.

The case will be tried again in court next Tuesday.

You can read the full proposed jury questionnaire below.

Attorneys for men charged with alleged conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer submit proposed jury questionnaire from WXMI on Scribd

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