Attorneys representing household of 13-year-old attacked in Atlantic Station brawl, recordsdata criticism

Family of teenager injured in battle speaks out

The lawyer representing the family of the 13-year-old battle for the Atlantic station has filed a complaint.

The family of a 13-year-old who was assaulted by multiple people near Atlantic Station claim 10-12 police officers watched and did not respond.

13-year-old Javon Ridley’s family are still wondering why Atlanta police stopped helping the eighth grader when 17 to 20 people attacked him on 17th Street Bridge after 300 teenagers engaged in a brawl on Nov. 28 .

The honor student and 8th grade musician seemed overwhelmed at a press conference and made a single statement.

“The police have a job, serve and protect. They didn’t do that,” he said with his mother and grandmother.

“This is my only child he could have killed. Anything could have happened to him. I just want justice for him and everyone who attended. I want them to be held accountable for their actions,” commented Javon’s mother Tekesia Shields.

The Ridley family and their attorney Mawuli Davis came to the Atlanta Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau to investigate a complaint filed against several officers who they alleged sat idle and done nothing while the eighth grader was attacked .

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“While he was under attack, you can obviously see videos showing Atlanta Patrol cars manned by Atlanta police officers doing nothing to provide assistance,” the lawyer complained.

Lawyer Davis calls police inaction “unacceptable and a wrong decision by the judiciary”.

Davis continued, “Officials must be held accountable for not interfering when it was their duty to protect him.”

In the meantime, Ridley’s mother wants to spare others.


“I don’t want any parent to experience the pain I’ve endured all this time,” concluded Ms. Shields.

Atlanta police eventually took up Javon’s testimony and released the following statement:

“Our officials face so many different challenges and are often asked why they didn’t do more, while those in charge appear to be given a passport. While we answer questions about why no more was done, I think a few other important questions remain. Where were the parents and guardians of these children? ”

The Internal Affairs Bureau opened an investigation into the officer’s conduct.

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