Attorneys for Charles Household launch their toxicology report

Quawan Charles’s family lawyers published a toxicology report their hired experts carried out on his body.

The report was made on December 2nd and shows the presence of alcohol and THC, a compound found in marijuana. The report shows that the results came from tests performed on cavity blood from Charles’ body.

In a statement, the lawyers say they believe the report proves that Charles’ death was deliberate rather than accidental. His cause of death drowned; His body was found in a shallow ditch in a sugar cane field a few days after he disappeared. His body was decomposed.

Police released a surveillance video showing that Charles had left his father’s house and was picked up by a car. The people in the car allegedly told lawyers that Charles had been using hallucinogens before leaving them.

Charles’ family attorney says the report proves these people are lying, and “this probably proves that Quawan’s death was not the result of an accident or gross negligence, but was willful.”

This is a developing story and we will update this post as we get more information.

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