Attorneys declare delay in Peter Nygard’s bail listening to places his life in danger

WINNIPEG – A Manitoba judge has postponed Peter Nygard’s bail – a move Nygard’s attorneys claim is playing Russian roulette with his health in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak in Manitoba prisons.

The bail hearing comes after Nygard was arrested by RCMP officers on December 14 in Winnipeg. He was arrested under Section 13 of the Extradition Act and charged by authorities in the United States. Nygard requested bail in late December.

On Wednesday, Scott Farlinger, representing the Attorney General of Canada, requested that Nygard’s trial be adjourned for a few days.

He told Justice Theodor Bock of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench that documents were not made available until Tuesday morning and said the attorney needed time to review the files and examine witnesses.

He has been on remand since Nygard’s arrest in December – something his lawyer claims is putting his life at risk.

He appeared in court on Wednesday via videoconference from the Headingley Correctional Center. The former fashion mogul was sitting in a small room wearing a face mask with his hair tied up in a bun.

Nygard’s attorney Jay Prober argued that COVID-19 was “widespread” at the Headingley Correctional Center, where he said Nygard “languished” while awaiting trial.

According to the province, there were five active cases of COVID-19 at the Headingley Correctional Center on Wednesday.

Prober said refusing or delaying bail Nygard “puts his life at risk.”

“Postponing this matter would contradict any concept of fairness and justice,” Prober said in court on Wednesday.

“Postponing the matter without even starting today would be grossly unfair and grossly unjust.”

Nygard’s co-counsel Richard Wolson said an affidavit, signed by a doctor and presented in court in December, claims delaying the bail hearing would be playing “Russian roulette on his health.” Nygard, who is 79 years old, is said to be a “prime” candidate to sign COVID-19.

Bock allowed Nygard’s hearing to be postponed on bail. Nygard’s next appearance on bail is scheduled for January 19th.

Nygard faces a number of charges in the southern borough of New York City, including conspiracy, underage sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and two modes of transport for the purpose of prostitution.

The charge has not been proven in court.

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Nygard was charged with rape, sexual assault and human trafficking in a class action lawsuit brought by 57 women, two of whom claim they were only 14 years old at the time. The class action was suspended in August.

Two of Nygard’s sons alleged in a separate lawsuit that they were lawfully raped as teenagers on his instructions.

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Nygard’s attorneys have denied all claims in the lawsuits against him.

Prober told the court on Wednesday that Nygard’s case had sparked “media hype”.

“It basically creates a lynch mob atmosphere that the court won’t buy into,” he said.

His extradition case is due to return to the Bank of the Court of Queen in Manitoba on January 13.

– With files from Kelly Geraldine Malone from the Canadian Press and Josh Crabb, Jill Macyshon and Charles Lefebvre from CTV.

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